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For a number of years, Jay Sidebotham has spoken at forums and led retreats in a variety of settings. He is available to work with your community, either in person or online. Here are a few examples of gatherings he has facilitated. He is glad to offer one of these, or to speak with you about another idea you might have:

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Cartooning as Preaching:

Based on Charles Schulz’ assertion that cartooning is preaching, Jay can offer a forum or a more extended presentation that shows how cartoons can get the message across. Indeed, you can say things in cartoons you can’t say otherwise.


A Cartoonist’s Guide to Scripture:

A quick cartoon-filled romp through the Bible, from creation to Revelation.  Get the big picture. This can be a forum or a weekend retreat.


Best Practice Principles for Vital Congregations:

Working from research gathered through a ministry called RenewalWorks, Jay can identify five key best practice principles that are characteristic of vital congregations. This can be a forum or a retreat for a church group.


The Leader’s Heart

It’s the central best practice principle for vital congregations. In this forum, or retreat, we talk about the characteristics of effective spiritual leaders. We’ll look at biblical models of leadership and explore ways to be sustained and nourished in our roles as spiritual leaders.


What in God’s name are you doing?

A gathering focused on discernment, discovering ways to gain clarity about what we are called to do and be in our work, in our church, in our relationships. Reference to stories in scripture and spiritual practices provide ways to chart our path forward.

Faithfulness in turbulent times

What do scripture and our tradition have to say about navigating times of turbulence, crisis, and division? Those kinds of experiences are hardly new, and we’ll draw on the resources of our faith to help us navigate the times in which we live.


If any of these topics interest you, or if you’d like to discuss some other topic, reach out to Jay by email or by phone (646-249-4404) and we’ll make a plan.

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